I feel like I've been working on my MA dissertation "The Unheard Voice of the Working Class Woman in the post-war Novel" for yonks. I feel like I have totally lost the ability to read it, understand it, and develop it. Someone at work yesterday asked me if I ever 'suffered' from writer's block. I was in the middle of writing something for work. I thought, and realised that, actually, no, I haven't. At least not in terms of my own creative stuff. But this dissertation? Yep. Blocked. I can't change the topic now either as the proposal for it has already been submitted to the university. Maybe I should do what I sometimes do with the first draft of a creative piece, put it into a box with a lid and leave it alone for six weeks or so. Except that I don't really have six weeks to leave it for. I should be doing it NOW. This minute. Well, not quite, I have work to do as well. You see, now it's becoming this huge pressure. I *should* just go to the British Library or somewhere else suitably studious for the day and just GET IT DONE! Ha. If only. But I will. I hope.

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