Tony Wilson mk II

There have been two Tony Wilsons to come from inner-city Manchester. One went on to be known as Anthony Burgess, the other remained Tony Wilson, sometimes trying on Anthony H Wilson for size before shrugging it off as unnecessary. The former gave us A Clockwork Orange with Alex and his droogs; the latter gave us Shaun Ryder, the maracas shaking Bez, New Order and loads more. The former stayed in Manchester to study at university, the latter left Salford to go to Cambridge, yet he returned to Manchester, the faithful son who did his family proud. The Tony Wilson who became Burgess went to Malaya and hardly again ever ventured back to the city of his birth. They both created culture worthy of cult-status, yet only one became known and loved as Mr. Manchester. And he was the one who died this week aged just 57, unable to afford the £3k per month for life saving drugs on the NHS.

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