When is a novel not a novel? When it's On Chesil Beach!

This year's Booker longlist has been announced and Ian McEwan is the only well known name. However, his.... book... is it a novel, or a novella? I don't know what the word count is but it's significantly shorter than the standard novel length. And the Booker entry requirements do stipulate that the competition is open to 'full length' novels. I have always been under the impression that that means 60-65,000 words plus. A novella begins at 20,000 words and the next down in size is the short story.

Another point to consider, can a novella be 'rightfully' marketed as a novel and charged as such?

Anyway, back to the Bookers, you see how easy it is to get distracted from the actual content of the titles and their contents? I haven't read On Chesil Beach, in fact I've only read one of McEwan's, and that was Saturday, which was a very good read, but not great. The bits about neurosurgery didn't do it for me! I also didn't like the condescension of the main character - there were a few other gripes but, overall, it was a good read. I tried and failed to get into Atonement. But, to other contenders, none of whom I've read - yet. I actually came to John Banville for the first time through his Booker winning The Sea, which I totally fell in love with. And so I hope to fall in love with a few of the lesser known titles.

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