Work in progress

I have several wip's, one is centred on the history of a mad mother, the other is The Carousel, which is on an advanced draft and should be ready in a couple of months, and the other is a more experimental novel based on five men in prison. I have done a bit of work on the prep outline, but am already wondering whether it would be too much to take on. I have no plot ideas for it yet, only a narrative objective and framework and a few vague ideas; perhaps it could be the personal and collective journey of the five men. I seem to write a lot about groups. A Clockwork Apple is centred firstly on alex and her gang, and then on the group based work at rehab. It is, of course, obvious when considering that I have six siblings. Groups come naturally, but in a way that makes solitude valued and yearned for. It is far too hot today, which I never write well in. I am also reading Tomalin's excellent biog of Thomas Hardy. It is now clear how and where the inner rage and sense of personal injury came from that was needed to fuel Jude the Obscure, one of my favourite novels ever.

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