Women, writing - Writing women

Are women writers unimaginative, or their publishers? It's a question asked by Laura Dietz in Guardian blog.

It's a wide and complex issue, and all to do with market forces blah blah blah. Bridget Jones was fairly imaginative when it emerged in 1996. Eleven years later, however, and book shops groan under the weight of pastel coloured books in that genre of chick-lit which may speak to many women, but certainly few I know. I blame the continuation of the Austen style and not enough of the Bronte style!! Charlotte Bronte did not like Jane Austen's writing - there was not enough poetry or passion in it for her. And I agree. Perhaps, if I can rely so much on the two camp syndrome, we can see women's writing as either of the Jane Austen camp, or of the Bronte camp? The former is mild mannered and is the mother of chick-lit as we know it today. The latter is the passionate and the raging, and we need much more of it.

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