Kavanagh and Co to set up new agency

What a palava this PFD thing is turning into. Yet entirely understandable. Agents of high calibre like Pat Kavanagh, who have spent most of their career with PFD, do not just get up and leave an agency over a trifle. There was obviously bad feeling and feelings of betrayal before bringing in Caroline Michel as CEO. What other large agencies should note, however, is that it is frequently not the agency, but the agent, that matters. They are the person building up not just a professional relationship, but sometimes a friendship too. Therefore, whilst these agents have given years of loyalty to PFD, the clients have given years of loyalty to the agents and vice versa. The Independent this morning reports that big names like Ruth Rendell will follow their agents no matter where. Therefore, when Kavanagh & Co set up their new agency after Christmas it will certainly prove to be a match for PFD.

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