New project, projected

This morning I felt blocked. This evening I feel inspired in a way similar to how I felt when I began A Cloclwork Apple. I needed it; I pushed myself this afternoon, surrounded by screaming kids in my local Starbucks, to finish the first draft of the third and final part of The Carousel. Maybe because the material is so personal I became stuck in that mawkish land of The Past. It helped, but, now coming to the end, almost (always almost, never really the end) I felt I needed inspiration. So I began to look up Norwegian and Icelandic writers that I wanted to get to know better. And then a blast from the past, an American, not a Scandi, came to me and it seemed inevitable as a source of inspiration. Im not going to give details; it has hardly been conceived and, like pregnancy, it needs careful secrecy for the first trimester. Needless to say I do feel lighter, writing wise. Having said all that I am also only too aware of how much prep reading I need to do as I begin the last semester of the MA this week. That will mean finishing my dissertation and researching and writing several other papers. Anyway. Onwards.

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