This morning I handed in a slightly revised ms of A Clockwork Apple to the publisher. I was having a love hate relationship with it. I re-read it and the only thing I want to do is to keep changing it; like a sculpture that is constantly being chipped away at. I managed to reign myself in though, I hope. I merely scanned it for cliches, took them out, and expanded the main character's vocabulary, which I enjoyed for the weirdness of words such as phrontistery (place to think/study) and barathrum (insatiable). I am sure there may be another round of editing suggestions, but I shall cross that bridge when I come to it. Having brought home my work laptop (my mac and laptop have died, the latter from a bootleg version of MS) I made the most of it and also got plenty of editing done on my novel in progress, The Carousel, and made final editing changes to a novella, The Girl Next Door AND wrote a four page initial treatment for a TV satire. I also managed to get to the gym and had a swim this morning, and now, on Sunday evening I can't help but think, 'what needs to be done next?' There's my dissertation of course, and then there's prep reading for uni, which starts in a few weeks! This year has been full on, but whilst the motivation and creativity is there I shall mine it.

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