Are blogs little more than blags?

It would seem the blog is well-suited to the book, or at least discussions, ruminations and just opinions (well versed or otherwise). As ever The Guardian has posted a blog (what else) on the fast growth of the lit-blog, which also refers to a new book out on... lit-blogs. A book about a blog, on blogs about books. It's all getting a bit too meta-blog/book. Perhaps we can rename the lit-blog as blook, or a blok, even bloog? Suggestions on an e-card. I often wonder whether it is merely a tool for self-promotion; whether it is just to be heard, and be a part of the blogosphere in general, or whether it really is just to opine on all things literary. The problem in many quarters, not just in the 'literary' corner, is that many are crying foul at this new e-democracy - 'it's just a bunch of amateurs' 'self-obsessed' 'self-propagating' 'know next to nothing about' ...... whatever subject they're bloggng on. To me it shows just how important regular expression is. Even nicer to think that someone is so enthusiastic about a subject that, on a regular basis, they take time out of their often hectic day, maybe in a job/role they may not have actively chosen, and share their thoughts and feelings on something. Public expression is not just for the 'professionals'. God forbid.

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