Dysfunctional families... yeah!

Rachel Seiffert has given her list of top ten books on 'troubled families'. Well, we all have them - some more than most. I'm currently using my own as the basis of what is turning into a sprawling out-of-control epic in The Carousel and, if it is published, will probably have every single member of my family draggint me to court. And I'm from a big family. Nah. They wouldn't do that. I hope. I used to read loads of biography when I was growing up. Why? Because it was frequently the only type of book, if picked properly, that I could find some identification with. Don't get me wrong, the novel does dysfunction, but it's a certain type of dysfunction, isn't it. There aren't too many Trainspotting's around. The novel does dysfunction of the chattering classes very well. But what of everything else? It's no wonder programmes on TV, like Shameless, has done so well. It's not being covered in the novel!

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