Eagleton -v- Amis

I grew up in the notorious inner-city areas that surround the main campus of Manchester University. In fact, spent a lot of time, when I should have been at school, hanging round various places on Oxford Rd: The Manchester Museum, the Holy Name Church, the Phoenix, the student cafes - this little district served as a haven of possibility, (and offered some shelter from Manchester rain) whilst I hid from school for various reasons. So it is with great interest that I read of Eagleton's attack, in the revised introduction of a second edition of his book, Ideology, on Martin Amis. Amis has just begun to teach an MA in creative writing there, whereas Terry Eagleton is the Professor of Cultural Theory. The Guardian online chattering classes have been 'discussing' it all with glee.
I have learnt a lot not just from Eagleton's work, but also his life, as we are from similar backgrounds. He is a working class Manc of Irish stock. I have learnt a lot from Amis' work too. Eagleton has used his new intro to slam Amis for, it seems, being racist, anti-semetic, and all other things right wing, it seems. As to how accurate it all is I am not so sure. I like to think that a writer like Martin Amis couldn't hold such crude beliefs. So far Amis has kept a dignified silence. Eagleton, it seems, is hell bent on proclaiming himself Lord of that particular jungle! It will be interesting to watch it develop.

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