Literary eras

A new blog on Guardian Online today was on what literary would you travel to if you could? The first thing that sprang to my mind was to visit the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; first to check up on Aphra Behn, then to go and hang out with Daniel Defoe for a while - see how he coped having to write whilst constantly dodging debt collectors before joining him on his schlep up and down the UK for his non-fiction book. It was quite surprising that very few said the Victorian era, but it was a fairly serious time that wreaked of too much didactism. The eighteenth century, I imagine, was much cheekier and fun-loving, with all those Moll Flanders and Roxannes! I know that most fiction of the 18c claimed to be a moral lesson, but it was, in my opinion, ladled heavily in irony - a bit tongue in cheek. All of this literary time-travel came as an effective avoidance tactic. I caught what I thought was just a cold, but which actually felt like the flu and have spent most of the weekend in bed. And I still have to finish another 'final draft' on Apple, in which I have decided to change the tense from past to present and add new vocbulary! And there is still some way to go! I had better stay away from the Guardian blogs for a while.

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