A lot of writers haven't had proper jobs? Are you sure?

Today's London Evening Standard devotes an entire page to last night's Booker Prize winning announcement. David Sexton also gives a glowing review of Anne Enright's winning novel, The Gathering, and prophesying her place in great Irish literature. Enright also offers some information on herself, how, before she took up writing full-time she worked in television production in Dublin. It is this, she says, that drove her to a breakdown that led to writing, which, like Lessing, she says is a neurosis. However, she says that she is glad she had a 'proper job', and that many writers haven't had 'proper jobs'.
It's a comment I have to refute quite strongly.
The overwhelming majority of published and unpublished writers do have day jobs, or, 'proper' jobs. Does she imagine that many writers are just lounging about or only in pretend jobs? Or by 'proper' job does she mean working in TV? I'm perplexed!

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