The book is dead... long live the book!

Amazon yesterday launched their ebook reader, the Kindle, to the US market. It comes hot on the heels of Sony's earlier launched Sony Reader Digital. The Kindle is larger than the Sony but I have to say that the Kindle looks nicer, whether it feels so would be another question. It's scary, this. New technology that threatens to change the way we read. Will it make the book obsolete, full stop!? As a writer I have to say that part of the joy of achieving publication is that moment when you can have the actual book, your book, in your hands, or in big stacks on the tables of the bookstores. You see, these readers don't just threaten the book, of course, but also the conventional bookshop. I fear that, in the not too distant future, we'll just have 'one-stop' sites where we download everything, and where nothing is differentiated. However, looking on the bright side, it has to be a good thing for trees, right?

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