British Library to receive increased funding

Culture Secretary, James Purnell, today announced that the British Library's Government funding will rise from £92 million to £100 million in 2010.
Good news, methinks. But I did wonder at the following comment from Purnell:

"As its home in London's St Pancras becomes more and more a gateway for European visitors to the UK, so the library takes on a new role as a symbol of British excellence to the world."

Does this mean that it has secured extra funding because it is increasingly becoming something of a tourist spot? I spend quite a bit of time in the British Library. Last Saturday I became aware of more tourists than usual. A few Spanish twenty-somethings, with digital cameras in hand, were trying to get the best corner to photograph the staircase that leads up from the first floor restaurant to the second! Maybe it doesn't matter that one of the reasons they're getting extra funding is because it's attracting more tourists. Just take the money and smile for the camera - any camera! Maybe I am becoming more and more cynical. Maybe the quote just means that the British Library is attracting more and more European academics?

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