The elusive notebook

I have never read Doris Lessing's acclaimed the Golden Notebook, although I am sure I will once I have completed my MA and have more time to read a wider choice. But I am constantly in search of my own metaphorical golden notebook; the literal notebook that will far exceed functionality and will enable the nib of a stabilo .88 (graphite grey) to dance to the end of each line before swinging round like the champion swimmer at the end of a length, ready to glide back and repeat. Several of Paul Auster's novels obsess about notebooks and specialist notebook shops. I like to think that I could more than easily slot into an Auster landscape as a minor character. But the notebook I have yet to come across would have heavy creamy pages with feint grey lines, that make the scribble of stabilo look expert and antiquated the second it receives it.

I have had the paperblanks range, quite good, with magnetic closing and whilst a few good designs some terribly gaudy ones. Then there's the rather overrated Moleskin range, although I do like the beige covered wide exercise type books, which feel substantial. Then I was in the British Library today and found myself leaving the studiousness of the reading room for a break only to spend half an hour examining the look and feel, aura even, of the Alice in Wonderland range. But there is one I quite like, and it's a thinner than A4 size exercise book, beige cover, and it's a science book, one side ruled, the other side graphed, the paper is a bit too thin but if only I could get it made up thicker.

Maybe I should just return to my laptop, where I do most of my writing anyway. There's a lesson there methinks.

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