Short stories

Whilst I am waiting for my next post to become more substantial I wanted to post my favourite short stories so far, because the short story is currently receiving much championing. It is strange how, in these fast-paced gnat-span concentration times the short story is not wread more widely. A few years ago there was a story (!) that tube stations would get short story vending machines. That would have made brilliant PR copy for the papers in terms of survey results - 90 per cent of readers on the Bakerloo Line on a Monday morning read de Maupassant's Butterball! It would have said more about London than any other of the ubiquitous surveys that plague the nationals every day. My favourite short stories:

The Subliminal Man - JG Ballard
Butterball - Guy de Maupassant
Cathedral - Raymond Carver (Im always a bit unsure about this story but it made an impact and has remained with me!)
Bliss - Katherine Mansfield
The Odour of Chrysanthemums - DH Lawrence

There are also too many to mention by Richard Yates and Somerset Maugham.

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