My favourite book of 2007

Ok, it's only 1st December but all the lit supplements have already raced to list a selection of best books of the year. How do they know a masterpiece isn't due for launch in the next three weeks? Well supposing there won't be I want to name the novel that made the biggest impact on me this year, It also happens, surprisingly, not have been mentioned in any of the 'big' lists. It is Gerard Donovan's Julius Winsome, published by Faber and Faber. A beautiful, understated work that is the mark of a writer who has quite simply mastered the art of storytelling. I am building up a stable of personal classics that will, Im sure, stand the test of time throughout my life. Other novels in this stable are Per Petterson's Out Stealing Horses and Peter Hobbs' beautiful debut, The Short Day Dying (also Faber).

Here's a few lists to mull over:

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