Funding crisis?

2008 was never going to get off to a good start with the 'credit crunch/squeeze' and the infection of the US subprime mortgage market doom mongers screaming from every corner. No surprise then that the doom mongering has reached arts funding. There has been lots of news about the Arts Council for England's cuts. Dedalus, a publisher specialising in literary translations, is one such victim. They haven't been short of supporters though. The Guardian's blogosphere has been up in arms. Today, however, we get another side, from the ACE itself. Chief Executive Antonia Byatt posted a blog on GU today stating that publishers like Tindal Street and Bloodaxe were actually going to receive increased funding! But Im still confused. There is still a lack of clarity as to who is in danger - and who isn't. Also, whilst I very much admire both Bloodaxe and Tindal Street, doesn't the fact that these are two well respected publishers of major award winning work now mean that they should be in a better position to stand on their own two feet and thus is there not an argument to reallocate the increase in funding that they are to receive to ones that need it more??

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