Leslie Ash should give the money back to the NHS - where it belongs.

I don't usually use this blog to comment on non-literary/book related stuff but rules need to be broken. Leslie Ash, as most people now know, has been awarded £5m from the NHS for the injuries she was left with after contracting MSSA - similar to MRSA, a hospital-acquired infection nonetheless. That Ash contracted MSSA was terrible, so were the injuries she was left with. No one can or should deny that. But, come on! Five million?? I feel more disgusted because, before my dad died in March he contracted MRSA whilst in the Manchester Royal Infirmary. It was, to coin a cliche, just another incident in what had been a 'catalogue of errors' covering a significant timespan. I'd had enough and decided to seek out legal advice. We couldn't afford to just pay a solicitor and then legal fees to take the case to court. So I contacted no win/no fee specialists as well as those specialising in medical negligence cases. They all said pretty much the same thing - if the MRSA kills him, or if he has to have a limb removed then come back and we'll talk again, but otherwise, 'forget it'. Last year I also heard a woman whose husband had cancer, was doing well with the treatment, went into hospital and was killed - not by the cancer - but by the MRSA! Will she be getting a payout? I very much doubt it. What this case has proved beyond doubt is that is you have lots of money to begin with then if something goes wrong, you are able to take them to court and get even more money! Pressure should be put on Leslie Ash to give the money back to the NHS, after all, it's our NI contributions that have put it there in the first place - and the NHS is vital to those people who are not worth the amount that Ash already is. OK, so a Facebook group might not be that effective but join anyway, and if I come up with any more ideas I'll post.

Join Facebook group urging Leslie Ash to give money back to NHS

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