MA - Done!

Yesterday, after work, I schlepped upto the University of Westminster and handed in my last piece of coursework for the MA in English Literature - the dissertation (on Pat Barker's first three novels if you're interested)! I wasn't happy with it - could have done better, blah blah blah - but it's done and dusted and now out of my hands. Thankfully. But, even at the weekend, when I was giving it the last once over, I was thinking...Phd? My mind is now parading a whole string of possible Phd topics at regular intervals to remind me how much I want to do it - my mind craves it. But there are, of course, the 'realistic' considerations. Like money. Like work. Like my 'career', also known as 'the job'. Like, like, like!! Not like! Then I think what if I do a Phd in Creative Writing, and not in English Literature? I'd be able to be open about writing that historical novel I have in mind that way. Then I could teach whilst writing, as, apparently, getting a job teaching English Lit at uni level is difficult at best. But then what isn't? And, even though I have my debut novel out on 3rd April, would it be feasible to study for a Phd in Creative Writing? I also hear from some that they are seen as examples of red-brick dumbing down! I seem to be using too many exclamation marks in this particular blog!! Oh well! We'll see....(!)

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