Manchester PhD

I was called up to the University of Manchester yesterday to meet with the Director of the New Writing Centre and discuss my doing a PhD in Creative Writing from this September. I received an email this morning to offer me a place, which I have accepted.
It felt totally surreal because the Manchester Uni district is very familiar ground. I used to spend most of my time just hanging around when I should have been at school. I was also a member of the junior choir at the Holy Name church, which directly faces the student's union on Oxford Road. And, of course, my dad had been a long term patient at the hospital, also on the same road. So it is all quite poignant. I won't be moving up there, however, London is still my home, but I will be up there at least once every two weeks during term time, which will also mean more time with my fast growing neice and nephew.
I am rather nervous, yet excited, at the prospect of working on my proposed novel and critical research that will accompany it. The emotional decision, in this case, was just as important as the academic one.

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