Puritan, moi?

I am supposed to be working on advanced drafts of two different novels. A self-inflicted 'supposed', that is. But this week I just began a new piece of work. I won't go into any detail about it - like a pregnancy in the first three months, it is far too soon, as I am only 16000 words into the first draft. However, the reason I am posting about it is because in an earlier post I said I had finally discovered a definite bias in my reading for novels that have a very concentrated focus and which use direct language with an almost puritan like tone. I also added that it is a style I too quickly lose faith in whenever I attempt it as a writer. And yet this new piece of work, whose working title is 'hiberbation' is so far in that mould. I feel quite pleased with myself, even though I am also very aware that it could go tits up and become abandoned. What I have learnt over the years is that all writing, no matter the style, the tone, the voice, bad/good whatever, it all adds to the honing of the craft and the development of the creative journey.

I'm reading:
Slaves of Solitude, Patrick Hamilton
The Oxford Book of Death (!)
How Fiction Works, James Wood (excellent)
Flat Earth News, Nick Davies

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