Jon Ronson meets 'Reverend Death'

Journalist, documentary maker and all round good egg (and ex-Manchester dweller) Jon Ronson has made a very interesting programme on Reverend Death, George Exoo, a Unitarian minister who aids people who want to die. I watched a preview DVD this afternoon - not a great programme to watch on a Sunday afternoon! It isn't terminally ill people who want to control their final days that he seeks to help die, however, but people who just want to die - I say 'just want to die' they are obviously suffering from severe depression and/or other mental illnesses. Exoo does not in any way come across as some sort of depressives saviour. He comes across as a dunderheaded American who thinks his purpose here on earth is to be an angel of death - angel being the operative word. He believes that the afterlife is such an adventure and that those suicidal are better off 'over there' anyway. Many of these highly vulnerable people are no doubt 'soothed' by the fact that Exoo wears a priest's dog-collar, even though he doesn't need to wear one.

Monday 19th May, 10pm, Channel 4

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