Sluggish and slogging....

Most people assume that the warm weather is loved by all.  But I find it difficult to deal with - it's my time for some form of SAD - seasonal affective disorder.  I don't mind slightly warm with breeze but to have it so bright and too warm is just far too uncomfortable and it brings on low moods, mainly as a result of my energy being sapped and making me feel too sluggish to do anything very much. 

I'm a Northern European and my bones and my skin are not made for this weather - and nor is my writing. So why, instead of escaping to the cool interior of the British Library's Humanities reading room, did I opt instead for my local, Swiss Cottage Library?  I knew it was gonna be a non-starter from the word go, really, and not just because it was getting warmer (people talk quite openly all the time and answer mobiles!) and because it is Camden's 'flagship' library it is all big windows, so during the warm weather it's like a greenhouse and during the winter you need five layers.  Anyway, within two hours I was really wilting and finding it harder and harder to concentrate so I eventually gave up and walked home, my laptop bag feeling like a tonne weight under the eager sun. 

What did I do for the rest of the afternoon?  I simply flopped down and hardly got up and it's promising to be a long, hot night.  I read a bit, researching issues pertaining to the book I'm trying to write on my mum, but not much more, which pisses me off because this week is to be the last bit of serious writing time I'm going to have because as of Monday I'm on a freelance PR job for six to eight weeks.  I just hope they have air conditioning. 

It makes all the more desirable my much fantasised escape to a simple log cabin in the Western Fjords of Iceland - the subject of my short illustrated novel in progress, Tired Waves, Vainly Breaking which, at least, is something I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about.

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