Amazon cliques

I regularly check my sales rankings on Amazon - why, I don't know, as I hardly understand what they mean, though I have tried, as they are not based on units sold or anything as simple, but how it is selling compared to others. But what has me interested now is the fact that, whenever I check, I'm looking to see the two rows of books on either side of it. One row says 'People who viewed this item also viewed items like this' and on the other it says 'People who BOUGHT this item also bought items like this' - something like that. I have decided to call these rows my cliques - as they are they are sometimes there, with my title, through thick and thin, and other times they have disappeared, only to be replaced by a new friend, such as something by Toby Litt. However, when I type in A Clockwork Apple on the front page of something different comes up. It used to be my book, and a plastic clockwork apple egg timer, but now Sebastian Barry's The Secret Scripture comes up too! The Secret Scripture in no way can be related to A Clockwork Apple in keywords of the title so I'm wondering how this has come to be. It's more weird considering that I have been raving about his book on this blog for a few weeks, ever since I read it, and also because of the subject matter which is similiar to theme I'm working on with my Mum's book. Anyway - I'm not complaining, it's nice to have this new bessie mate on the same page! What would be better though, would be that, when someone types in A Secret Scripture, MY book would come up also! His book only comes up when I type mine in!

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