Pen names...

Here's a story from the Welsh paper, Western News, on one writer's use of several different pen names. I find it interesting that some writers use various names, many times used in connection with particular genres. Maybe it's sad that one writer feels they can't write crime, comedy, and romance under the same names, saying much about our need to keep people in boxes - or genres, as they're commonly known. Having said that I have been thinking about having a couple of pen names as I feel that, whilst I've only got one novel out there, I 'should' be sticking to the distinctive style with which I wrote A Clockwork Apple. Apart from writing my Mum's book, and a non-fiction, I've also just begun on something which is, or could be, quite twee with a more popular attraction and so have been wondering what name(s) I could use. My Mum was born Joan Fitzgerald, even though her father's surname was Sanders - she took her mother's name on her birth certificate because her parents, like far more than many would have known, were not married at the time, although she was always known as Joan Sanders before marrying and becoming Webb - which my Mum and Dad only did after all their seven children were born! I could be Belinda Fitzgerald. Or Bel Fitzgerald, Bel being the name my brothers and sisters call me. But then I'm thinking that, whilst acknowledging my maternal side, why not my Dad's maternal side too? His mum's name was Tully, so I could also choose Belinda Tully, or Bel Tully, or simply B. Webb-Tully! Or maybe even B. Tully-Fitzgerald! There's a never-ending list of possibilities. But one thing's for sure - you can't go far wrong in writing with an Irish surname.

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