Latitude off

I recently announced, with pride as it was to be my first festival with reading, that I had been asked to appear at Suffolk's Latitude Festival, as part of Vox N Roll. But I've had to cancel. As I've already mentioned, my Mum's funeral is being held on the Friday afternoon in Manchester - the by-then two week delay between dying and funeral is because of the Unison strike (cemetery workers included) and what with having to rush around making travel arrangements and just simply giving the funeral the time to 'sink in' (it's still all a bit surreal) I thought it best. I just hope they ask me back to read from my second book. I'm not sure what the second book is yet, but I'm determined there will be one! I've also asked Kat, the hard-working publicist at my publishers, whether she can get me into a London Vox N Roll event. I've included a link to more information on the fabulous Vox N Roll here as well as a link here to a (2000) Vox N Roll anthology that includes the brilliant Will Self here. Enjoy!

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