I'm reading Patrick McGrath's latest novel - Trauma. Seems rather appropriate at the moment. The only other novel of his that I've read - Asylum - was fantastic, and I watched the film adaptation of Spider - which was also great, but I've never been tempted by either Martha Peake or Port Mungo. What I'm liking so far about Trauma - apart from the story, obviously - is the expert handling of narrative structure and timing.

Also, extending the topic of trauma, Unison members are holding a two day strike next week - on Wednesday and Thursday - which means that my Mum's funeral isn't going to be until Friday 18th. Yesterday we were told that we might not be able to get a priest for that day/time and it might have to be on Monday 21st - which also happens to be my birthday! Anticipating having to dread from hereonin the day my mother gave birth to me as also being the anniversary of the day she was buried, my fears and general hysteria were put to rest when a stand-in priest was found - so we will actually get to say our formal goodbye on the 18th after all. The stuff of life.

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