Terribly terribly Telegraph...

The Telegraph's literary blog is not doing a very good job at keeping up with the Guardian's. However, they have got a podcast which I was both totally fascinated and repulsed by - in equal measure. Each author is answering the question - which literary classic are you ashamed never to have read? I was fascinated to hear the 'humiliation' of not having read Middlemarch (Mary Beard - Oxford Don) or the biography of General Slim (Martin Bell). What classic am I ashamed of having never read? None! There are works I would like to read so that I at least feel as though I am better informed when I say that Salman Rushdie is a load of tosh, but ashamed and humiliated is a bit strong. I was repulsed because, apart from Oona King, every other author was white, and not just with no trace of an accent, but 'terribly terribly...' I know I shouldn't be mean and it's not a go at them as people, more at The Telegraph who couldn't even be arsed to put in a token accent - I'm sure there were authors at the Way with Words festival who sounded as though they come from the regions!

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