Manchester Lit Festival

The programme for this year's Manchester Literature Festival is ready here. I shall be reading from A Clockwork Apple on Monday 20th October, details of which can be found here. It should also be pointed out that, whilst my personal blurb states that I'm going to be studying for a PhD at Manchester this year, that has now changed. I could go into a rant at the politics of the almost non-existent postgraduate funding which does zilch for social justice objectives. I could, and will, go into a rant at why Manchester University decided they wouldn't submit my AHRC application, and couldn't offer any help with the fees, despite the fact I grew up on their doorstep and spent many years as a child hanging around its buildings, knowing only too well even then that getting in there would be impossible. How right was I? No doubt they will stick to those students who have yet to have anything at all published and who no doubt were able to get a first class degree because they weren't also writing and submitting their work, and who also didn't also have to work close to full-time hours whilst studying!

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