Publishers set e-book prices

Publishers have, it seems, decided upon prices for e-books - to be read on Kindles and other electronic readers. OK, listen carefully, there's no paper involved, so that means no printing, no costly warehouse distribution, no labour involved in cutting down the trees in the first place, no pulping on the remainders - you get the picture, so what on earth can justify e-books being priced at the SAME PRICE as traditional books? The Bookseller report that it is because publishers do not want to start at a weak position, figuring they're going to have to reduce anyway. Like most people I am concerned about all the tree-felling that goes into our book consumption but what are we trading this in for? A consumption pattern that involves the usual market and peer pressure of having to own the latest model of reader each time we're told the last bit of kit is obsolete, just like mobile phones, computers etc etc. And then there's the electricity useage that goes into keeping it juiced up, which, I'm told is not even a full day per battery charge, and with electricity rates set to be hiked up even further it's hardly a much greener prospect for an avid reader, and then they want to charge us the same price as traditional books on top? Forget it. Reading has become evermore subsumed into the late capitalistic economy of keeping up with the technology that we are told we need - in this case under the partial guise of the green flag! So far, so crap.

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