And the Nobel Prize winner is...

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, it was announced today. You've never heard of him? Pah! (Shrugs shoulders). Nor have I. Here's the Wikipedia entry on him, which I can't vouch for the accuracy of. The great thing about such prizes is that they are successful in bringing them to a much wider, international audience and so I shall become acquainted with Le Clezio and see if it develops into a fully-fledged friendship. Many people on the Guardian's chattering boards are at least glad that the winner wasn't Haruki Murakami and a little miffed and surprised that it wasn't the charmingly named poet Adonis as many felt it was 'time' for a poet to win the title. Le Clezio will also walk away with £815,000.

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