Back from Man Lit Fest...

I have just returned back from a couple of days up in Manchester where I gave a reading at The Northern, the festival hub, and a TV interview for Channel M (Manchester). The turnout for the reading was low, as most inevitably are unless you're a 'big name', and it was on a Monday evening in a bar not normally open on either a Monday or Tuesday!! Anyway, I went up there and kept my word but, as writer and fellow blogger, Elizabeth Baines also asks on her blog and who was also at the reading, what, really, is the point in writers going to such events and reading, especially prose writers? Does it help with sales? Mine didn't as the books that were due to arrive were curiously absent. Also, doesn't it really take away too much time from writing? Yes!

On another note I was saddened to hear, this morning, that legendary literary agent, Pat Kavanagh, other half of writer Julian Barnes, died from a brain tumour. She was 68. Pat had been for years with PFD and then over the past year when drastic changes were afoot she led a revolt and her army of agents set up United Agents. I didn't know Pat Kavagh, but over the last few years I sent her my work a few times and, unlike less busier agents, she always wrote me a personal letter, which showed how much she had read and considered what I had sent her, with a few tips, which gave me so much hope, and such a contrast from the usual standard NO letters! From what I read of Clive James' piece in this morning's Guardian, she will be sorely missed.

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