Apologies for not having posted anything in a while but I haven't been too well! That doesn't mean I have stopped reading/writing/whatever but as soon as I'm able I will post a bit more. I'm actually reading quite a bit of poetry - supposed to be as effective as a daily anti-depressant. But then one study suggested that it only applied to the poetry of the Romantics yet Wordsworth's The Old Cumberland Beggar, which I tackled this week, cannot be cheery for anyone's soul. One poem I came across this week which had me in tears was Emyr Humphreys Father to Son, which equally applies to daughters as the actual poem isn't gender specific. And I've also been delving in and out of Thomas Hardy, who, after the furore following the publication of Jude the Obscure devoted himself to verse more and more but whilst a few great poems I don't rate many of them. It only takes one or two though and The Self Unseeing is a gem. But just imagine what the novel that would have followed Jude the Obscure would have been like though!

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