TV Scriptwriter's disillusionment turn to prose

Script writer Matthew Hall explains why he turned to prose with his debut novel, The Coroner. It gives a very interesting insight into a complaint I've heard from a couple of TV scriptwriters and read about many more that, apart from the few big hitters, creativity seems increasingly sidelined and they are frequently kept in the margins as though nothing more than amanuenses, seemingly powerless over the creative development of projects. It is so incredibly depressing that, in most 'creative' fields the fear of keeping fed the need-to-be-sedated masses is given priority instead of giving free reign to a more thoughtful approach. After all, no-one person knows 'what works' as even formula frequently does not, so why not let the reigns loosen a little? Hall's background is also interesting, he started out as a barrister, trying to defend teenagers from being locked up for years on end which he describes as 'brutal'. It is first-hand experience such as Hall's that makes him a good candidate for exploring the 'gritty' contemporary issues that our country seems to be beseiged by.

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