Easter weekend means more writing time!

I'm just coming to the end of a novel I began towards the end of last year. It's only 42,000 words so it's not like it's a doorstopper or anything. A little bit more editing and then I'll be sending out. It's called Duty Bound and focuses on the life of Judy Western, a 67 year old, her recently deceased husband, Howard, who has left her with a load of gambling debts, and her neurotic pot-smoking US ex-pat son who blames her for everything. Yet at the centre are passions and desires that have been repressed under the veil of duty. I'm quite pleased with it, I don't mind saying. And it's very different from A Clockwork Apple, about as different as you can get, really. That aside, I have also been busy with my Victorian novel, which I have renamed 'Mary Burns - Manchester Muse' - I haven't decided yet whether or not it sounds too frumpy and saga-ish, but it's an improvement on just 'Mary Burns'. Or is it? There's still quite a way to go on that one so there's plenty of time to think about titles. I also write the odd article - here's the latest - for Society Today magazine. The lastest copy can be ordered here. Just scroll down a bit on the right and click on 'Order a Copy'.

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