I say reading but I have only just taken them out of the bookshop bag and put them on the coffee table, they are Colm Toibin's Brooklyn (hb) and Stefan Zweig's The Post Office Girl (pb). Unsure whether I will get any decent reading time though because I'm also hard at work co-writing a screenplay. It's the first time I've collaborated on any writing project and I've often hankered after it, wondering what it would bring up in me, creatively. I think that, even if writers spend the majority of their working time alone, there's also that need, for me at least, to talk about what I'm doing, to discuss it, and talk about the writing process in general, with other writers. So far, at this very early stage it's enabled me to be open and vocal about my enthusiasm although I feel somewhat strange around opening up my thinking processes around writing to someone else. The story was his idea but I'm sure I've got the bug for it just as much as he has and we are starting from scratch. Originally he had already drafted the first few scenes, which of course sets in place an awful lot about the character - and the beginning setting up so much about the rest of the story. Anyway, I shall disclose more anon, but needless to say I have a very good feeling about it, even bearing in mind the difficulties not just of writing a good screenplay, but of the later marketing and selling of that vision to the people who will make it happen.

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