Frying over writers mistreatment

Stephen Fry, so-called national institution and clever clogs, has been getting on my nerves recently, especially when asked (why he was asked god only knows!) what he thought of the MP expense fiasco. He said that he couldn't see what all the fuss was about, don't we all fiddle our expenses. Either he has remained totally oblivious of the scale of the expense fiddle - what's a moat here or there - or he thinks we are still in some eighteenth century thiefdom. However, that aside, he is now in Stage commenting on something more fitting to what he actually does - write. He claims that writers are often treated like an inconvenience by most producers and directors. It brings to mind Matthew Hall's article in one of the Sundays, which was commented upon in this blog at the time. What's to do? Who knows. Most writers I know would enter into a Faustian pact just to get their work 'out there', and would consider it a blessing just to be treated as an 'inconvenience' once it went into production. But I also know that most self-respecting professionals would eventually become demoralised being treated in such a way. Why do producers and directors think this way, is perhaps a more important question.

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