For. Crying. Out. Loud!

Ok, I have my sarky ranter's hat on, but I couldn't let pass by this 'snippet' masquerading as news without spilling a bit of black bile all over it. Donal McIntyre, he who once wanted to be Roger Cook, (the pseudo-hardman investigative reporter type) but who ended up 'Dancing on Ice' for want of other work, is to write a book. 'What about?' I hear you ask, now on the edge of your seat, urging me to hurry on up and spill the beans. Well, guess. Go on. No? Ok then, it's about his time... dancing on ice, a kind of 'diary' if you will - yes, he has adopted the 'epistolary' format to best convey his time dancing. Oh what a clever fellow he must be. You want to know more don't you, go on, admit it. Here you are then, the 'news' item.

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