The 'listening to one's story' cure

Here's a very interesting review, by Salley Vickers, of Richard Bentall's Doctoring the Mind. It does not quite feel as controversial as psychiatry's, or anti-psychiatry's, R.D. Laing back in the sixties, for it feels much more in tune with Marxist psycho-analyst Erich Fromm, but Bentall still seems to be creating quite a stir within his profession simply for his dissent, which reveals far more. One quote included I feel is particularly apt of the profession's seeming lack of tolerance towards his views is this: "One sign of sanity, both in the individual and society, is the ability to deal with dissent." Physician, heal thyself, I think. I also particularly liked Vickers re-defining psychotherapy as from 'the talking cure', to what she calls 'the listening cure', for isn't that what it boils down to? She also refers to Adam Phillips, him of the great London Review of Books article I blogged about a few months ago, In Praise of Difficult Children. It makes me want to buy the book to add to my growing pile of other anti-psychiatry books.

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