Looking for Eric and The Doll's House

Yes, Ooh-ah Cantona and Ibsen! Saturday saw me at the local cinema to see Looking for Eric, a beautifully poignant, funny film by Ken Loach, about Eric Bishop, a postman who has been having a breakdown for quite some time and who is guided by his hero, Eric Cantona, through his spliff induced psychoses, back to a more functional level. It had me in tears, and laughing, especially at a scene in which a group of these postmen attempt to have a self-help session led by 'Meatballs', the guy who does the Post Office adverts - can't remember his name. I cannot recommend it enough. However, if there was one complaint it was there was not a strong enough sense of place. I heard Manchester, but I didn't see it. I did see Cantona though - I love him. He's only got better with age and I love how he has worked so very hard to go from football to acting. And on a different note, yesterday evening I felt privileged to see The Doll's House at the Donmar, which has been sold out for ages. The two strongest performances, aptly enough, were the women - Gillian Anderson and Tara Fitzgerald. Both had such strong presences and the conversations between them were sharp, witty and credible and they held me spellbound. And, a bit unlike me to focus on the dress, but I have to say that I absolutely adored Gillian's dresses - she had three costume changes - from a beautiful blue that was my favourite, to a regal purple velvet, to a slightly more questionable black and white party outfit.

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