Re-reading for inspiration and buying a new bike!

Today I went to collect a new bicycle. I love that word, bicycle, immediately conjures up a bell and a basket, and my bicycle has both. It isn't like me at all to make a big purchase just like that but I'd been struggling with the depression the past few days and decided that I needed to do more, have a new focus, and then 'bing', cycling came to mind, it would get me out and about more, and save me jumping on the tube. And yes, it has served to cheer me up somewhat, even though I told myself I couldn't afford it. Anyway. It's there, by the front door, waiting to be taken out for a long stretch of open, quiet, road, and so I'm going to give myself Saturday off (I will still take a book/notebook/pen etc), away from the computer screen, in front of which many of my frustrations have been building, and maybe go cycle around Richmond Park, or even take the route to Hampton Palace. I'm also glad to say that, last night I managed about 300 words of a new opening of the Victorian novel. I was inspired by John Fowles, The French Lieutenant's Woman, an old favourite. I re-read the first couple of chapters and the narrator as ironical, detatched modern day presence took hold and I returned to my writing feeling less burdened by trying to get the voice of Mary Burns (which I still don't 'hear') or trying to get the voice of the nineteenth century, whatever that may be, but just to bloody well write the thing with the feelings I feel, as a writer, because I needed to be reminded that I was writing this and I'm not the omniscient god figure overlooking this, but the narrator whose feelings are, actually, quite strongly bound up with this woman's story. So, it's a small, different step in another direction, so, we'll see.

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