Hooky and the Hacienda...

ClashMusic are this week running extracts from the memoirs of New Order's Peter Hook. Now I have to go buy it to go with my book of Manc music photos: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain. My shame-faced admission is that, whilst I was very much in Manchester at the time of the Hac I never once stepped foot in the place. I got so very close. Once. I was actually 18 years old. Even had the birth certificate to prove it. Me and my friend (younger by a year and who had been in and out since she was 15!) queued, which was all part of the evening, and then the doorman waved us by and it was only as we got inside that a woman who sounded more like a student than 'one of us' scrutinised my face and said 'there's no way you're 18' and ordered me to do an about turn. My friend looked at me, wondering what to do. She was ok. She would get in. But alone? Nah. We did what we did most weekends, trundled off to the nearby Boardwalk with all the other Hacienda rejects!

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