Knut Hamsun

I remember reading Norweigan writer Knut Hamsun's Hunger about fifteen years ago, at a very low point in my life, and despite it also being grim, it gave me sustenance. Here was a novel about a writer struggling. I wasn't writing very much back then, but I was really struggling. It introduced me to the rest of Hamsun's work. I knew nothing, until the past few years, of Hamsun's Nazi affinities. In fact, twenty-three years after being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, he passed it on to one of his heroes - Joseph Goebbels! But despite all this he was still a great writer. It doesn't darken Hunger for me knowing that the author had these politics. I take the work, reject those parts of the author. Is it really that simple though? Here's an interesting article on 'Norway's Black Sheep', from The Wilson Quarterly.

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