Inspiring Mowzell

This week I've taken myself off to Mousehole (Mowzell), a couple of miles down from Newlyn and Penzance. What is it about writers and out-of-season seaside places? Although, to be fair, Mousehole could hardly be called 'seaside', for that conjures up images of sandy beaches. No, Mousehole is a harbour, and is full of craggy charm. It is where Dylan Thomas once stayed, amongst many others. I've managed to get a fair bit of editing done, but as yet, very little writing, but it's still only Monday, so I'm hoping that, my the time Saturday arrives, I will be going away with a fair bit! It's not all head down writing though, tomorrow morning I'll be off to Newlyn Art Gallery, once home of the Newlyn School of artists, who are now housed in Penzance's Penlee Art Gallery. Newlyn, I've just learned, was also home to Chartist leader, William Lovett, fortuitious/serendipitous as the Chartists feature in the background of the novel I've come here to work on. That reminds me, I'm going to post a list of novels that feature Cornwall - one of my favourite of recent years was the debut novel by Peter Hobbs, The Short Day Dying, set here at the end of the nineteenth century, and not at all romantic, but full of poetic cragginess and suffering!

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