Newlyn Arts Festival

Me and Tanya walked the couple of miles into Newlyn today to visit the gallery. Lovely building, quirky volunteer behind the reception desk, alongside which sat a few paper cups and a pot of coffee for visitors to help themselves. It just so happened that today was the start of the Newlyn Arts Festival, a rather brilliant annual event that exhibits the work of any person who wants to exhibit, as long as they either live or work in Newlyn. 'No-one is turned away', the volunteer emphasised. The open exhibition held 70 works, some fairly twee and rather good, yet amateur attempts, but the stars, for me, were Michael Tracey's Salome's Gift to Penzance (picture of a man with fish coming out of his head!) at £650, Sarah Williams' majestic Storm, at £800, Richard Cook's Partou, which had a look of despair about it (which wasn't for sale), Lincoln Kirby-Bell's The Lizards, a beautiful plate of two colours with lizards around the edge, Jason Walker's Self-Portrait - Happy Thought II, a picture of a rather depressing looking man wearing a birthday hat and apathetically blowing out candles (the most expensive, at £6,000), and finally, Nick Henshell's brilliantly black and white moody painting of boat in storm, simply called Storm. It's on for a few days yet so if you're in the area pop in.

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