This week...

This week I wanted to go see Michael Haneke's new film, The White Ribbon, but arrived at the BFI only to be told the listings info was incorrect, so will schlep to the Curzon Mayfair at some point early next week, I hope. It's certainly had an interesting review in this week's TLS. Another gem in this week's issue was a new poem by Seamus Heaney, The Eel Works. There is also a review of a book, Sleepers Wake, by Alistair Morgan, that appeals because it has been likened to John Banville's 2005 Booker winning The Sea. Last weekend I nipped through Philip Roth's latest, The Humbling, a novella, not a novel. Great little story with the sort of ending I am particularly partial to. Roth's last few books, particularly this and Everyman demonstrate an author at the peak of his power. And news this week that Oxford is going to open a dedicated museum of story and storytelling.

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