A longer post soon. I'm currently reading Eleanor of Aquitaine by Ralph Turner and Joan of Arc, Virgin Warrior.
I also recommend this month's double issue of Literary Review, most notably for the review on the new Cheever biog by Blake Bailey. Bailey wrote the brilliantly perceptive and thorough biography of Cheever contemporary Richard Yates a few years back. There's also a couple of notably scathing reviews, one by Richard Gray on Tdorov's championing of the Enlightment, in which Gray uses the analogy of a child and childish things a little too far which only has a circular effect of making Gray seem a tad childish. The other one is by Douglas Murray on a recent book on the Danish cartoons - yes, those cartoons, in which his main gripe with her seems to be that she has tried to remain impartial! So, there you have it.

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