LRB, Must You Go, and Guilt About the Past

The current issue of the London Review of Books has a great diary piece by Will Self that revolves around a walk on Clapham Common with the dog. Following on from the last issue, in which Toril Moi performs a devastating critique of the new translation of de Beauvoir's The Second Sex, this issue's Short Cuts section has Jenny Diski offering a scathing comment on Antonia Fraser's memoir of life with Harold Pinter, Must You Go? It is very funny. And quite right, in my mind. My publisher, Beautiful Books, has just published a slim book of essays by Bernhard Schlink, he of The Reader. It is called Guilt About the Past and I'm looking forward to delving into it. I have little else to report in this post. There's a theme in this post. Must you go, guilt about the past... I'm thinking of moving away from Hampstead. Everything has, for a while now, felt quite samey and homogenous and claustorphobic. Maybe I'll find somewhere cheap enough in Richmond. Maybe not.

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